If you’ve signed up to this series, odds are you’re feeling less than self-confident about your ability to meet and pick up women. You’re not on your own - just about every man out there has a similar difficulty.

But there are a few guys who easily stroll into a bar, spot a hot, attractive girl - and are able to walk right up to her, make her laugh, and drive off with her at the end of the night (and they aren’t someone you’d consider an alpha male, either).

The difference between them and you is one thing - confidence. You’re going into there assuming you don't have anything to offer a girl who you consider out of your league - and he’s going into there having a mindset that exudes self belief - something she (and every other woman on the face of the planet) finds really sexy and attractive.

Joshua Pellicer - the author of The Tao of Badass (the 1 bestselling guide to getting girls) shows you how to grow the mindset that you need. And this isn’t just going to help you with women - it’s life-changing stuff - it will affect the way the whole world perceives you - your co-workers, your boss, your family and friends - everyone.

Self-confidence and cockiness are two different things. That’s why the brash, blunt idiots who walk up to a girl using a sleaze approach always get shot down. Maybe you’ve been that guy, attempting to fake self-belief and having it come across all wrong.

You thought up some fancy pick up lines, put on your best outfit, and approached with what you called swagger. She eyes rolls you and turns away, leaving you feeling embarrassed and even less confident than before.

Self-confidence is better than any pickup line. Guys that are wishy washy and hesitant don’t encourage feelings of security in a woman. They don’t attract ladies. Women desire a man that makes them feel secure - taken care of in a social sense.

Guys that lack self-belief lack a belief in themselves and in their capabilities. They lack a sense of self worth and carry a belief that they can’t attract girls, so they don’t - it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

Why don’t these types of men attract girls? Due to the fact that they’re sending the vibe out that they’re not even sure about their own sense of importance, much less a girl’s.

Girls don’t want a guy who doesn’t know who he is and what his place is in the universe. He carries himself in a different way. He walks with an air of self worth that doesn’t border on the kind of cockiness that puts off ladies. He’s not hunched over and nervous looking - he stands up straight, makes eye contact, and isn’t rushed and hurried due to nerves.

A guy who is confident even if he’s not the best looking chap in the room is always the one who gets the attention - always the one that makes girls take a second look.

Do you struggle to believe in yourself whenever a beautiful girl talks to you - because you’re positive nothing is going to come of it? Somewhere in your life, you lost your self-confidence - or you never had it to begin with.

Now if you’re a guy that grew up in an environment that was negative, in an environment that tore down your worth as a person, then you might find it harder to develop the confidence that attracts women if you try to do it on your own. Let the Tao of Badass shorten your trip to success with ladies - get started with it today.

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There are 10 really common mistakes you are able to avoid when you start trying to master the art of picking up girls. It’s embarrassing seeing guys do this stuff, when you know it’s headed for failure.

In Joshua Pellicer’s The Tao of Badass course and membership site, he clues men in on the top 10 mistakes guys make with girls - and teaches you the way to avoid those relationship killers right off the bat.

A number of them take practice - due to the fact that these habits have almost certainly been entrenched in your system so long that you don’t understand how to get by without them. But once you’re free, you should start seeing some success with girls.

The first one has to do with body language. Joshua hones in on one specific thing guys do when they’re talking to women that reverses the dominance role between the sexes - and it all has to do with a certain movement you’re making.

The second is a reaction that can either cripple of boost your self-belief forward when a woman decides to leave a discussion with you. This single tip can help you attract even more ladies on a night out than ever before.

The third and fourth mistakes he shares in The Tao of Badass are about keeping your efforts under control. Some guys, when they start learning how to pick up women, go a little overboard - and avoiding this mistake can help you keep from sabotaging yourself right out of the gate.

The fifth mistake involves something you do (or don’t do) that immediately relegates you to the dreaded friend zone. Josh shows you how to effectively use this tool to your advantage.

Sixth and seventh, you’re going to learn the mistakes that make her think of you as an amateur, versus a real man who is deserving of her attention. You’ve almost certainly done these things a million times - and it’s time to put a stop to it today.

The insight given on the eighth error is going to keep you from going broke - and keep her from thinking she can use you. It’s always the less confident guys who shell out money hoping to prove their worth and The Tao of Badass helps you see why that’s a major problem - and how you can steer clear of it.

The ninth mistake you’re informed about is going to help you take action, rather than sitting on this goldmine of information. You can get the best advice in the world - but if you don’t act on it, it’s worthless.

And lastly, the 10th error he helps you avoid will keep you sane throughout this dating experiment. You won’t be stressed. You won’t be anxious. You’ll get to enjoy every second of your efforts.

If you have a guide like Tao of Badass to help you navigate the world of approaching ladies and building a relationship with them, you’ll discover your success factor skyrocket. You can’t afford to hit the dating scene without learning what’s contained in this book of wisdom.

All these awesome insights are contained within just a single chapter of The Tao Of Badass. In order to learn more and read a tao of badass review please follow the link.

Josh Pellicer has become a highly controversial figure in the dating world since his new product, the Tao Of Badass has changed the game for males everywhere. It was once the case that only the very best looking and most self-assured males would take home the hottest women. But, Joshua’s approach to picking up girls is so powerful that now even shy quiet guys might get gorgeous ladies. But who exactly is Joshua Pellicer, and how can the Tao Of Badass be so successful? This short article will check out this product in more detail and uncover that even though the Tao is effective, it is not for every guy and care needs to be taken if you are think about purchasing this product.

Josh grew up on a trailer park in St Augustine Florida prior to getting a job as a gas station attendant. He was a real push-over with women and didn’t have any success whatsoever with the ladies. He then decided to study the Psychology of relationships and revealed that there were ways in which you can practically guarantee to make females interested in you. He developed this method and was soon able to pick up any female he wanted! In the final step to perfecting his technique, he also studied alongside a number of the other well-known pick up artists guru’s. In short, Josh learned from the best to be the best.
Once he knew everything there was to know about seducing females, Joshua released The Tao of Badass which has now helped literally hundreds of thousands of men to pick up hot chicks. This book reveals secrets that even females didn’t know about themselves. It teaches that there are certain behaviours, or mind hacks, that you may use to get ANY female you desire. However the Tao Of Badass is far more than just a book. Josh also provides access to an entire members area full of video’s, audio file, downloads and much more. There's also free access to a Tao forum where you chat with Josh Pellicer himself as well as other like-minded males. In brief, you get everything you could possibly need to be a master at getting awesome looking girls.

But, the Tao Of Badass isn’t for everyone. This method works best on average looking guys, not really good-looking guys. So if you’re great looking then you may find this is less effective because it takes away the important “surprise” factor that is so important for this system to work. It’s also no over-night solution. There is a lot to learn from Josh so it could take a week or so for all of it to sink in. Because the secrets within the Tao are so revolutionary, you may additionally need to practice these new competencies a couple of times before you unleash their full potential. It’s unlikely you will get it correct first time, so it’s imperative that you practice your skills before going in for the female you really want.


In summary, Joshua Pellicer was an average male who became a master at getting ladies. even though he is now happy to expose these secrets, it might not actually benefit all to learn to these skills and care should be taken before ordering. To read more about negative the aspects of the Tao Of Badass click here.



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